Smartpeak Highlights Indian International Smart Cards Expo

Original: Technology Pioneer Smartpeak2019-10-15


The Indian International Smart Cards Expo was held in Greater Noida, Delhi from Sept. 25 to 27,2019. Smartpeak showcased the latest and most complete series of smart payment terminals and mobile computers, which attracted a large number of attendees from local and other countries.



【C5000 Pro,Pro Performance】

C5000 pro, equipped with professional branding scan engine, which is an enterprise-level Mobile Computer with excellent performance, good quality , rich Functional and wide application. It is widely used in Logistics Express Delivery, Warehousing E-commerce, Chain Retail, Manufacturing, Food Traceability and other fields.

C7000Large Screen and Top Configuration

C7000 has competitiveness of multiple labels reading capabilities with RFID function ,its reading distance can be as far as 3-7M. Moreover, with fast data transmission, high quality reliability, harsh outdoor environment well-tolerated. C7000 has been fully recognized since its debut in the Indian market and even the world.

All above are solid and durable with industrial grade consumables. The application prospects are very  expansive.

In this exhibition, the P500, P1000s, P1000, P2000l, QR300 and QR80s, which are full-featured Bluetooth printing and fast scanning, were all favored by customers. Through this exhibition, smartpeak successfully showed our wide portfolio of products to many industry participants and partners.