Key Management System

Package consists of KMS Encryptor, KMS PC and KMS POS

KMS Encryptor connects with KMS PC via serial port cable in the secure room

KMS Encryptor implements the key distribution function

Communication data security is protected with RSA public and private keys

Split knowledge is used to manage and inject keys in KMS Encryptor

Key management is implemented, delivered and downloaded in KMS PC

Key request, key receipt and key injection are implemented in KMS POS

KMS Encryptor and Smartpeak POS device are PCI certified

System Architecture Diagram

  • PC


    Minimum configuration requirements: Intel Pentium 4 1.4G CPU, RAM 1M, HD 500G Windows XP/2003/Vista/7

    Append, inquiry, modify, delete key information

    Real-time communication with KMS Encryptor to distribute keys

    Supports local and remote downloading

    Safe communication mechanism

    Provides monitor key injection protocols

    Offers multi-key downloading for one terminal

  • Encryptor


    System requirement

    Dual administrator management

    Multi-user level and user authority management

    Split knowledge is used to manage and inject keys

    Supports encryption and decryption for key distribution

    Located in the same secure room as the PC

  • POS


    Works for all models of Smartpeak Payment Terminals

    Multi-connectivity for local or remote downloading

    Safe communication mechanism

    Library file creation eases downloading

    Application changes not required